How we do it

In developing leadership, “speed kills.”

When we work with an organisation, we slow things down.

  • You’ll become aware of the forces at work in your organisation – the logical, personal and political
  • This process will also allow you to become aware of your deep beliefs – about yourself, your colleagues and your organisation
  • These deep beliefs will inform your resolve – about what your organisation will do
  • This resolve will, in turn, contribute to, or underpin, your cause – your collective sense of purpose that will mobilise your staff

More often than not, the process is not linear.

Typically, we’ll start working with you by helping you resolve one specific problem. For example, two members of your board aren’t getting on. Our work may simply be about getting things to ‘feel right.’

Can you measure the effect? No, you cannot. But there will be a result, a benefit. You’ll stop worrying about something that you were worrying about. One aspect of your company will become more efficient, more productive.

One thing leads to another.

A company is a complex system. Solving one particular issue may well lead to work in another area. In time, we may work with you across our entire service offering. Yes, then our work will reflect on your bottom line. And in shareholder value.